Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Thoughts on Wolfram Alpha's Facebook Report

A few thoughts on Wolfram Alpha's Facebook Report

Screenshot of my report is below (click for full-size).

1) Surprised that the sample sizes for almost all the data was so small.  I'm assuming this was a function of the privacy settings for each of the users. But given that the samples are probably not representative, I expect it's hard for me to draw meaningful conclusions

2) I wonder if a future feature might be to compare my stats with people who are similar to me.  It'd be interesting to know - do I post more/less photos than average?  Not sure if they are able to get these statistics since they report that after one hour, they delete the information from their cache.  Are they keep track of information anonymously/aggregated?

3) The user interface was really nicely done.  And the system was, perhaps not surprisingly, very fast. The process of getting my results seemed to take only a minute or two.  It was impressive.

4) Overall, I really liked the concept behind the report.  I'm not sure I learned anything that useful, partly as a function of the small sample sizes, but I would imagine a trained eye might be able to tease out something interesting.  Also, I wonder if in future iterations they will have comparative statistics.