Monday, July 12, 2010

Gmail productivity experiments

I'm experimenting with "Multiple Inboxes" in GMail Labs by Vivi.
In particular, combining it with "Superstars".

Basically it lets me "pin" my important emails to the top, with the inbox at the bottom. (I pin "has:red-bang" to the top)

One nice feature I like is the "Drafts" being in the middle.  A nice innovation.  Otherwise, I almost never look in my Drafts folder, but here I can see Drafts becoming useful.

My gut tells me that having this will let me focus on key items even more easily.

In general, I'm moving far away from the "zero inbox" mentality espoused by GTD and others.
I found that zero inbox involved too much filing of unimportant items.

Rather, I am now going through the inbox and highlighting my "must respond to" with the red-bang superstar.

And the unimportant items filter down to the bottom of the inbox.
After a while (weeks), I do a mass purge of unimportant items to an archive label called "old inbox minus important emails".

Been using this system (minus the new Multiple inboxes) for several months with good results.

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Big Boss said...

Cloudmagic should help you search across multiple Gmail accounts in a breeze!