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Greetings prospective Fuqua students interested in entrepreneurship!

Greetings Prospective Duke MBA entrepreneurship students!

I understand a few of you follow my blog.  Hope you've found some of the information useful.

Unfortunately I am unable to meet with/talk on the phone with prospective students due to the high volume of requests that we get. 

Take a look, though, at the information below, and if you have specific questions, send them to me at and I'll see if I can answer them.

There's a strong entrepreneurial effort that has taken shape over the last several years.  We are proud to say that we have a solid entrepreneurship offering.

You might enjoy checking out our website, In addition, you can also see a powerpoint of our offerings can be found at:

Below are a few snippets you might find useful in making your decision.

Best of luck in your decision and your applications.


Some advantages of coming to Duke:
- Program for Entrepreneurs - start a company while you get your MBA
- Duke Start-Up Challenge – 74 teams from Duke.   That's a fairly high number of home-grown startups.
- EVCC – strong club, good support network while in school
- Weekly Education Series – make progress each week
- DukeGEN – strong alumni support from 1400 entrepreneurial alumni 
- Combining Practice, Research, and Teaching.  Exposure to various schools of thought
- Access to other great schools at Duke.  Medicine, Engineering, Undergraduates, Public Policy, Law, Graduate School, etc…
- Research Triangle – strong entrepreneurial community

Some recent startup ideas in our Program for Entrepreneurs:
16 Active Projects (as of 12/10/09)
- Biogenic - Cell Seeding Technology for Implantable Cardiovascular Devices
- Innovation Education International – Applying Stanford innovation curriculum for developing cities
- Medici MedTech, Medical device to treat urinary incontinence 
- Methane Capture Project Aggregating business for carbon offsets generated from hog farms. 
- Battery Swap for Electric Rickshaws in India - Like Blue Rhino 
- General Nano Spinning carbon nanotubes (lighter and stronger than steel) into electrically conductive thread for use in multiple industries.
- eCIRK - Immunization Records Depot - Create a central repository for all immunization records 
- - Internet portal for environmental programs, activities, and general information 
- Eye Innovations  - Medical device to assist individuals with Glaucoma 
- 25th Hour Media - Turning online news and blog postings into audio content available on mobile devices
- iCampus - E-learning network and platform
- – online platform for outsourcing work
- Greenhouse Foods – website and brand for helping people with special dietary needs
- EntoGenetics - Creating spider silk from genetically modified silk worms
- Fitness Education (FitEd) – Wii games that for autistic children
- PTP (Wind Energy) - Building wind farms in international locations

Some testimonials
Pursuing a non-traditional MBA path like creating and developing a start-up requires a lot of things, but most importantly it requires support.  Fuqua has provided exactly that.  From the Program for Entrepreneurs to the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club to the one on one time I get with leading RTP entrepreneurs, I have no doubt that I will walk out of B-School into my own business.  I chose to Fuqua because I believed it would enable me to follow my dream. And, today that dream is becoming a reality.
-Adam Mangone '10
Former Marketing Director

The competitive advantage of entrepreneurship at Duke is the incredibly interdisciplinary campus - you could connect with students in the undegraduate campus, medical school, engineering school, business school, school of the environment, and law school all within a few minutes walk from each other, to start a diverse range of business ideas from social non-profits to software companies. The resources and support provided at Duke and Research Triangle Park for student businesses is quite amazing and should motivate anyone with ambition to give it a try!
- Gautham Pandiyan, MEM '09
Worked in biomedical research, licensing & start-up business development

The best part of my Duke MBA was the experience and education in entrepreneurship.  The diverse resources including seminars, one-on-one coaching, and start-up funding through the Duke Startup Challenge allowed me to capitalize on my previous experience while gaining valuable, practical skills.   I found solid business partners and mentors within the Duke community which helped me actualize a new business venture
- Jonathan Gibbs '10
Worked in Social Entrepreneurship before coming to Duke

I came to Fuqua with a business idea and the goal to start a company during my MBA. Through the activities and events sponsored by the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation I am finding the inspiration, the support and the tools that I need to develop my idea an put it into practice.
 -Carla Viana, '10
Worked in Consulting and Marketing before coming to Fuqua

I came to business school with the goal of immersing myself in the study and practice of entrepreneurship and eventually starting my own business.  Through the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Fuqua I joined a classmate in participating an independent study project focused on bringing a new technology to market, became co-chair for a weekly panel of entrepreneurship experts that advises budding student-entrepreneurs and joined a start-up support group.  I found all of these opportunities in just my first term at Fuqua!  But this does not even scratch the surface of the great depth of offerings related to entrepreneurship in virtually any field available at Duke.
- Thomas Thekkekandam  '10 
Worked in the Non-Profit sector and Market Research Consulting before coming to Fuqua

I've been impressed with the many new initiatives around Entrepreneurship at Fuqua this year.  I have also noticed a significant increase in interest for entrepreneurial classroom and hands-on learning from students.  These are factors that enable such a dynamic environment in which you can only thrive and continue forward with your own mission and goals. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), has been an incredible support in my endeavor for a new triple bottom line venture through the Start-Up Support Group.  There is also more integration between CEI and the other great centers at Fuqua, meeting the many different student entrepreneurial interests.
-Liliana Valle '09
Worked in Supply Chain Management consulting, IT, and operations for IBM before coming to Fuqua

After running a start-up software company for several years, I wanted to expand my entrepreneurial knowledge by attending a well-suited business school. Fuqua was the best choice for me, largely because of their vast expertise and resources dedicated to the field of entrepreneurship. By being a part of the 'Program for Entrepreneurs', by attending entrepreneurial education events held by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), and by taking part in events such as the Duke Start-Up Challenge, I am truly gaining a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge not found at many places.
-Rasheed Wiggins '10
Entrepreneur and former founder of a software advertising company

Howie Rhee, MBA
Managing Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
919-617-1123 mobile

Learn more about Entrepreneurship at Duke -
and read our Duke Entrepreneurship Manual -

Howie Rhee, MBA
Managing Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Office A236
919-617-1123 mobile

Learn more about Entrepreneurship at Duke -
and read our Duke Entrepreneurship Manual -

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