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Fwd: News from Flywheel Ventures

Congrats to Steve Pal and Juan Pablo Arias for their summer internships at Flywheel Ventures

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Flywheel Ventures News - June 2009
In This Issue
Q&A with Associate Lawrence Chavez
Meet the 2009 Flywheel Fellows
Portfolio Company Spotlight
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Recent Portfolio  Announcements

SkyFuel LogoSkyFuel Signs Agreement to Install SkyTrough Collectors at Cogentrix' Sunray Energy Solar Generating Facility. To learn more click here.

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Want to know your influence on Twitter? Visit Flywheel Portfolio Filtrbox to find out. Click here to determine your influence.

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Tred Displays was voted the "Coolest New Product" by over 200 attendees at the recent International Sign Association's 2009 Sign Expo, the industry's largest trade show. To learn more click here.
Tred's Reflective Digital Display Panels were also featured on the local NBC television affiliate. Click here to watch the video.

Lingotek LogoLingotek has been commissioned by the Library of Congress to translate nearly one million words from the Library of Congress and other World Digital Library (WDL) partners so they are available in seven languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish for the World Digital Library. Click here to learn more. 

Dear Howie,

In this issue of the Flywheel Newsletter, Flywheel welcomes seven Flywheel Fellows for our summer apprenticeship program. Our Fellows are recruited from top graduate schools around the country to spend their summer working with Flywheel and our portfolio companies.

Flywheel Associate, Lawrence Chavez, coordinates the Fellows Program and this newsletter includes a Q&A with him on the goals of the program, the different projects Fellows work on throughout the summer, and the overall educational opportunities the program provides these talented upcoming leaders. We also showcase one Flywheel portfolio company MIOX, Corp. who has utilized Flywheel Fellows on several projects. 
In addition, we'd like to invite you to stop by the Flywheel Open House on Tuesday, August 4th from 5-7pm at the Albuquerque office at 9204 San Mateo Blvd NE. It's a great opportunity to introduce our summer Fellows and we will also feature our New Mexico Gap Fund companies. Started in 2007, the New Mexico Gap Fund is designed to invest in New Mexico-based companies who are in the very seed and earliest stages of development and we've made 7 investments to date. The Gap Fund showcases the rich R&D talent we have in New Mexico and we are looking forward to sharing these exciting companies with you.

To learn more about Flywheel Ventures or to contact any of the Flywheel Team visit our website at You can follow the entire Flywheel Team on Twitter @flywheelvc.
Trevor Loy
Flywheel Ventures, General Partner, on behalf of the Flywheel Team

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From left: Scott Caruso, Kim Sanchez Rael, Paula Marez, Yasine Armstrong, Lawrence Chavez, Cassie Marez, Trevor Loy
Flywheel Ventures Logo 2 Q&A with Flywheel Associate Lawrence Chavez: "Flywheel Fellows Program"
Lawrence Chavez headshot   
1. What is the goal of the Flywheel Fellows program? 
 At its core the Flywheel Fellows program operates under the belief that venture capitalism is an apprenticeship business, requiring an approach that includes hands-on mentoring and close guidance. Leveraging General Partner Trevor Loy, Flywheel advisors David Alderson and Tom Byer's collective experiences and success in helping to build the Mayfield Fellows program within the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), the Flywheel program is designed to engage highly talented and experienced graduate students with practical hands on involvement with entrepreneurship and venture capital. The Fellows program began in 2006 with six graduate students from top universities around the country. The program has flourished and the 2009 Fellows program welcomes seven students from Duke University (2), Harvard Business School (2), Northwestern University, NYU and the University of Michigan.
2. What are some of the projects that Fellows work on?
The unique structure of the Flywheel program ensures that Fellows are engaged with projects from both the portfolio company perspective and the venture investment perspective. Furthermore, all projects involve important priorities, never "make-work". Andrew Wylie, a Harvard MBA student and former Navy fighter pilot, is working with Flywheel portfolio company MIOX, Corp., a water treatment company. He is designing a marketing program specifically targeted at providing high quality service to existing MIOX customers. Steven Pal, a student from the Fuqua School at Duke and a veteran of two successful start-up companies, is shadowing General Partner Scott Caruso. Among his projects is creating a market landscape analysis for Trackvia, an online collaborative database. Other projects the Fellows are engaged with range from performing due diligence, constructing term sheets for new investments, analyzing industry landscapes for possible acquisitions, and developing a collaborative work space of best practices for use by current and future portfolio companies.
3. What value has been created by the Flywheel Fellows alumni network?
 As part of an elite group, the Fellows have developed strong peer camaraderie and cooperation not only with each other, but with the entire Flywheel Team. The result is an extended network of the Flywheel family and one of the greatest long term benefits of the program is the ability to leverage the evolving Fellows Alumni Network. For example, a fellow from the Class of 2006, who was working at an investment bank in California, introduced Flywheel to one of our most promising investments. In addition, Hiten Somwal, Fellow class of 2008, returned to Flywheel this summer to assist us in coordinating the 2009 class of Fellows and to work with several of our Gap Fund companies on their business development. 

"I was a Flywheel Fellow in the class of 2008. I feel the Flywheel Fellows program is truly unique with regards to the effort the team puts into creating an incredible learning environment for its interns. The fellows are exposed to all aspects of the Venture Capital Business and over the summer they learn the basics of how to invest in and build technology businesses that create significant value. 
Beyond the opportunity to work with the Gap Fund companies this summer, my decision to return was motivated by my belief in the firm's potential for success. I believe the firm's emphasis on capital efficiency, real business models and building effective partnerships with entrepreneurs, positions it to come out of this downturn as one of leading small, focused venture firms." - Hiten Somwal, Flywheel Fellow, Class of 2008

Flywheel Ventures Logo 2 Meet the Class of 2009 Flywheel Fellows
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Top from left to right: Juan Pablo Arias, Jimmy Wei, Devesh Khandelwal, Kyu Ho Song, Botttom: Andrew Wylie, Jeff Hale, Steve Pal

Juan Pablo Arias
is completing his MBA at Duke University and is originally from Mexico where he most recently did sales and trading for Bancomer BBVA, the second largest bank in Mexico.

Jeff Hale is completing his MBA at New York University and served as the product lead engineer at Micron Technology. Jeff is a fellow with Flywheel Portfolio Company MicroProbe.

Devesh Khandelwal is completing his MBA at Harvard University and is originally from India where he most recently served as a Marketing Executive with Bharat Petroleum Corp.

Steve Pal is completing his MBA at Duke University and most recently served as the Senior Business Consultant for Merced System Inc.

Kyu Ho Song is completing his MBA at Northwestern University and is originally from South Korea where he most recently served as Senior Business Consultant to Monitor Group.

Jimmy Wei recently completed his MBA at the University of Michigan and prior to business school was with Harris Corporation. Jimmy is a fellow with Flywheel Portfolio Company Tred Displays.

Andrew Wylie is completing his MBA at Harvard University and served as a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Andrew is a fellow with Flywheel Portfolio Company MIOX, Corp.

Flywheel Ventures Logo 2 Company Spotlight - MIOX, Corp., Albuquerque, NM
MIOX safest water logo

MIOX is focused on solving one of the world's most pressing issues: the need for affordable, safe, and healthy water. Used for public drinking water systems, water reuse projects, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications, MIOX's patented water disinfection technology safely replaces the need to purchase, transport and store dangerous chemicals in over 30 countries and in hundreds of communities across the U.S. Read how MIOX recently placed 9th in The Artemis Project™ Top 50 Water Companies Competition.

Chris Traylor, Director of Business Development at MIOX, originally managed the Fellows program at Flywheel and is now leveraging Fellow, Andrew Wiley, to drive systematic improvements in the customer experience at MIOX. Last year, Fellow, Ricardo Leon, was a key resource for MIOX's International Sales team, in particular in their development of a key account in his native country, Colombia.

"MIOX nailed the recent American Water Works Association trade show. It's leading edge innovation with the revolutionary new small series, virtually maintenance free Vault, stands far ahead of the competitive field in terms of delivering compelling economic value and safe water to its customers." - Kim Sanchez Rael, General Partner, Flywheel Ventures
Flywheel Ventures Logo 2 Portfolio Company Job Opening: TrackVia Hiring for Chief Marketing Officer
Trackvia Logo
TrackVia, an online data management system, is looking for an experienced Chief Marketing Officer to create, own and drive marketing strategy, initiatives and relationships for the company. The individual will be responsible for growing TrackVia's market presence and, ultimately, customer base through messaging and positioning, channel and partner marketing, online and website marketing, content and influencer marketing, offline and event marketing, sales enablement, customer references and public, media and analyst relations. The Chief Marketing Officer will establish, follow, report and make decisions by key metrics. The successful candidate will reply on creativity, data analysis, sense of urgency, relationship building, instinct and some serendipity to build TrackVia's customer base, brand and  influence. The individual will be TrackVia's first marketing leader, report to the CEO and have frequent and involved board access / exposure.

For a full job description or to apply please contact Ed Zschau with Inductus Associates at

Flywheel Ventures Logo 2 Contact the Flywheel Team
We hope you enjoyed Flywheel's Newsletter, covering the latest developments in the industry, at our firm, and with our portfolio companies. Contact us to learn more or to discuss any of the information covered.

General Partners                                                          
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Kim Sanchez Rael

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