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2009 Fuqua Awards Recipients

Here's the full text of the email that mentions the EVCC as Club of the Year.


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From: Michael Hemmerich 
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 3:21 PM
Subject: 2009 Fuqua Awards Recipients


The 2009 Fuqua Awards Ceremony for Students, Faculty, and Staff were recently held in Geneen Auditorium.  This event is one of the highlights of the year, for it is when we recognize those who bring exceptional leadership and outstanding service to the school and the Fuqua community.

The Chrysler Award for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching in a core course is awarded to one faculty member based on quality of teaching, approachability and availability, continuous improvement, degree of challenge created for students, and use of innovation in teaching a core course.  This year's recipient has always had a very strong commitment to his students and sought innovative ways to bring information into the classroom. This year's winner is Gavan Fitzsimons.  Please help me congratulate Gavan for receiving this award for the second consecutive year.

The Student's Choice Staff Award is awarded to one member of the Fuqua staff for outstanding service to the members of the student body and to the school, day in and day out.  This year's winner is an outstanding member of the Fuqua Community who makes herself available to students around the clock and always has a great attitude with everyone she interacts with.  Her efforts to help students have been called tireless and she is always willing to set aside time, energy and whatever else is needed to help the students as best she can.  She serves a lot of students but she goes above and beyond with every single one of them on a daily basis, and she manages to do her job with passion and to make everyone feel special.  Please join me in congratulating Mary Beck White-Sutton for an award well-deserved.

The Daytime student awards clearly reveal the remarkable breadth and depth of what our students achieve.  Quite simply, it is an honor and a privilege to work with the students on a daily basis and witness all that they accomplish, and I am glad we have this particular ceremony to recognize their amazing contributions. In the event that you were unable to attend the ceremony I want to share with you what transpired.  Please join me in congratulating our award winners as described below.
The first student award presented was the Keohane Award for Leadership, which was established in 2004 in honor of the inspirational leadership of former Duke President Nan Keohane.  This award to be given to the MBAA President and Vice President only in the instance of exceptional leadership.  Clearly, the recipients this year,Vince Rights and Barri Stiber, met and exceeded that threshold many times.  Many thanks and congratulations to Vince and Barri for their tireless leadership efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the school.
Next, we had the Asa T. Spaulding Sr. Award for Leadership.  This award is given annually to an outstanding member of the second-year MBA class, and is considered our highest leadership award.  Many students step up and lead at Fuqua.  This award honors one student who has been recognized by his or her peers as "having gone above and beyond the call of duty to have a long-lasting impact on the community through his or her leadership efforts."  This year's winner is Vibhor Chhabra.  Please join me in congratulating him for this wonderful recognition.
Following that, we presented the Distinguished Service Award.  This is the 20th year of this award.  Its purpose is to recognize second-year students who "have provided outstanding service to the School or the greater community through clubs, symposia, volunteer work, or elected positions, and who have done so in a respectful and courteous manner."  Please join me in thanking and congratulating the winner, Jessica Asrican, for her remarkable contributions, achievements, and non-stop efforts on behalf of the school and the greater community.
Our program next focused on the Alan D. Schwartz Award for Mentorship.  Alan Schwartz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Bear Stearns Companies Inc. and previously was Chairman of our Board of Visitors.  This award was established in his honor, by an anonymous donor, to encourage mentorship among the entire Fuqua community in keeping with Alan's personal interest in mentorship.  Students, faculty, administration, and staff members are eligible for this award, but preference is given to current Fuqua students.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating Amber Marzuola, for her mentorship of fellow students in both their academic and career pursuits.

The Club of the Year Award is given to a club that has shown collective and exemplary leadership in building relationships and opportunities with a variety of constituents to include students, alumni, companies, and faculty.  The Club of the Year shall have delivered an exceptional value to the student body through initiatives and programming.  This year's winner has energized the student body, both within Fuqua and across Duke,  to think outside traditional business lines and consider innovation in all aspects of business.  This year's Club of the Year is the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club which was presented to the club's co-presidents Bobby Brenman and Amy Laverdiere.
Next we announced the winner of the Breeden Award in Finance.  This award was established by Smith Breeden Associates, in honor of Doug and Josie Breeden, and is in keeping with Dean Breeden's passions for both finance and academic excellence.  The award is given to the top second year finance student, as determined by our finance faculty.  Please congratulate Eric Koehrsen, for his outstanding academic performance.

The Dean's Recognition Award was established in 1998 by former Dean Rex Adams.  These awards are given by Dean Sheppard but are based on nominations from students, faculty, staff, and input from the student awards committee.  This award is given annually to students who have provided truly exemplary service to the school.  Fourteen extremely deserving students were chosen for this award; the difficult part here is excluding the many other students worthy of such an award.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating the following award winners for their exceptional contributions to the school:
Robin A. Abramowitz
Amy Audetat
Daniel G. Aycock
Alanna J. Blake
Debbie Chou
Pamela K. Goldberg
Elizabeth A. Helminski
Kristin M. Hodge
Stephen P. Misuraca
Hadley D. Nixon
Claire E. Ramich
Simran Sandhu
Ellen W. Sung
Diana I. Tyler

During the awards ceremony we also took the opportunity to recognize the 2008-2009 MBAA Executive Cabinet members.  We thank them for their contribution to clubs, service to the school, community involvement, and supporting their fellow classmates in caring, innovative and collaborative ways.  Please help us thank the following Cabinet members:
Robin A. Abramowitz
Amy Audetat
Daniel G. Aycock
Marcelo Barretta
Vibhor Chhabra
Debbie Chou
David R. Martin
James M. McNamara
Stephen P. Misuraca
Andre T. Pontes
Simran Sandhu

Many, many thanks to all the award winners--they are all extremely deserving of the recognition.  In addition, many, many thanks to the large numbers of you who were not recognized but are fully deserving of recognition.  So much happens here that goes unrecognized and unrewarded.  It's the combination of both the sung and unsung heroes that makes up the heart and soul of our community and makes this place so special.  Thank you all for creating a community that wants to make a difference and brings pride and joy to all those associated with our community.
- Mike
--  Michael R. Hemmerich Associate Dean for The Duke MBA-Daytime Duke University

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