Friday, March 13, 2009

Now accepting applications - Class of 1990 Scholarship

I received the following reminder about the Class of 1990 Scholarship.


Dear First Year Students,

The Financial Aid Office and the Center for the Advancement of Social
Entrepreneurship (CASE) are now accepting applications for two programs
that supplement the summer income of students working for nonprofits,
public agencies, or small to medium size companies--the *Class of 1990
and the
*CASE Summer Internship Program*

These programs enable students to learn about the rewards and challenges
of working in these sectors without making a significant financial
sacrifice. In addition, they enable organizations that otherwise could
not afford to hire MBA student interns to benefit from students’
expertise in areas such as finance, strategy, business planning,
marketing, and operations.

While the programs operate differently, there is one application form
for students. When making funding decisions, the award committees
coordinate in an effort to maximize the impact of limited resources.
Please see the memorandum describing these two award programs and the
unified application form, *attached.*

All application materials (application form, essay, resume, and offer
letter) should be completed and submitted as soon as you have accepted
an internship offer, or by April 6, 2009, which is the final date to
apply for the Class of 1990 Scholarship and CASE Summer Internship
Program. If you have not received an internship offer by April 6th, you
should submit your application describing any relevant internships being
pursued. CASE will continue to review applications until all funds are

*If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us
as follows:*

/_Medium and Small Company Internships:_/
Misty Brindle
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

/_Nonprofit and Government Internships:_/
Ruth Tolman
CASE Assistant Director
/**If you are relatively sure you will be requesting CASE summer
internship funds but are not yet ready to apply, please fill out this
short survey
soon as possible to help us forecasting funding needs./

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