Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grand Opening - DUhatch student business incubator

Wonderful launch of DUhatch. Great resource for Duke startups.


Kevin Chu said...

Hey Howie,

Good to see the opening of DUhatch. I think offering actual office space in addition to other resources is huge. What kind of relationships does DUhatch have with the other entrepreneurship programs (e.g., DSC) and classes (e.g., Jon Fjeld's entrepreneurship classes)?

Hope everything else is going well!

Kevin Chu
Fuqua '08

Howie Rhee said...

Kevin, good to hear from you. We have a ton of things going on, even just in the year since you've graduated. Most notable is the Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series - - which brings a speaker/workshop to school once a week. We alternate between Fuqua and DUhatch to keep the students from various schools mixing. We have about 400+ people on the mailing list and I think it's a big factor for why we saw a jump of 19 business plans last year to 35 this year.

There are other ways we're connecting - but the Education Series is probably the most tangible one right now.


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